A bright day in springtime dating 1st May 2000 we suceeded the ownership of Frederiks Have, which ever since has been the frame of our lives.

Both of us are hailing from Fyn, and we have been employed in the restaurant business for many years before we decided to take over the restauraunt, Frederiks Have, which we naturally wish to give our own personal touch.

Eva is educated as a waiter at restauraunt Marie Louise in Odense, and has ever since worked in various restauraunts and hotels, among those some in France.

Ole is educated as a waiter at restaurant Franck A in Odense, as well as a chef at restaurant Marie Louise. Afterwards Ole worked in France for two years and decided to return home for a series of educative years at among other places Krog’s Fiskerestaurant. Furthermore he is a member of Dansk Sommelieforening (Danish Sommerlier Association), which of course gives him a professional knowledge about the restaurant’s selection of wines.