At Frederiks Have we have a capacity for about 70 dining guests over two correlated rooms. In the rearmost part of the restaurant, “The Fireplace Lounge”, there is the option for companies ranging 20-36 guests to dine. If you are placed in the frontmost part of the restaurant one can easily follow the events happening in the open kitchen.

The History:

Here at Frederiks Have we have the pleasure to present a venue whose historical background extends over an eventful period throughout the last century. The building itself is approximately 160 years old and has ever since been central for many different enterprises. Since 1899 it was primarily utilised by a haulage contractor, but for about 70 years ago, around 1938, it got inaugurated into the restaurant business.

In the aftermath of the liberation of Denmark after the Second World War, a part of the resistance movement “Frit Danmark” had its office above the restaurant’s present premises. Over the years the building has also been the host of Den Kongelige Porcelænsfabrik (today known as Royal Copenhagen Denmark), where the ladies painted carton plates, which they gave out on Strøget. Subsequent the house has been used for various pubs like Villa Caféen and Virginia Bar. It is thus no more than 16 years ago that Frederiks Have could have been considered a pub where brawls and the like wasn’t an unusual sighting.

For the first time, in 1992, the restaurant gets the name “Frederiks Have” by the restaurateur couple Annie and Bent Olsen, where the venue changed to more comfortable and warm surroundings. This tradition has henceforth been carried on by us, as we at present date are the owners of Frederiks Have. We wish for everyone to have a pleasant experience – and please enjoy your meal.

Kind regards,
Jonas Nikolas Nikolajsen and the whole team.